Wood Pellet Steel Fire Pit
Wood Pellet Steel Fire PitWood Pellet Steel Fire PitWood Pellet Steel Fire PitWood Pellet Steel Fire PitWood Pellet Steel Fire PitWood Pellet Steel Fire Pit


Enjoy cozy evenings in your outdoor space all year long with the Vermont Castings Wood Pellet Steel Fire Pit.   Add warmth and create an inviting atmosphere in your backyard or on your patio with this beautiful outdoor fireplace.  Thoughtfully designed with a smoke reducing air flow system that minimizes the smoke that will get into your clothes or travel to your neighbor's yard.   This outdoor heater is fueled by wood pellets for an efficient burn vibrant flame with minimal ash. This firepit can easily be taken with you to a campsite or the beach with the handy travel bag for handy portability and protection.

SKU: 0851589
  • Fueled by wood pellets for a vibrant flame with minimal ash
  • Smoke Reduction air flow venting system in Deep Fire mode helps remove excess smoke from reaching your clothes, eyes and neighbour’s yard (see diagram below)
    1. Outside air is pulled through the bottom holes to ignite the fuel and flows through the hallow wall to the top
    2. Unspent gas and smoke rises and eventually combines with fresh air
    3. A vibrant, secondary flame is produced, consuming residual smoke
  • Durable high temperature steel construction
  • Wood Pellets burn clean, slow, and strong while leaving behind minimal ask for easy clean up
  • 3 lbs of wood pellets delivers heat for 30 – 40 minutes
  • Open flame fire pit provides 360˚ visibility and warmth
  • Includes protective cover / storage bag for easy portability
  • Fire Pit base nests into the top for compact storage
  • Wood Pellets
  • 15 1/8” D X 10 5/8” H
  • 7 KG